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                All-in-one ROI Optimization Platform for App Marketing


                Mobile Advertising Management Platform (SSP)


                Mobile Advertising Solution to Reach Out Chinese Travellers Globally


                One-stop Domestic Marketing Platform for Android System


                Mobile Marketing Solutions that include campaign planning, across media integration, App design and development , and tailor-made interactive effectiveness

                About Madhouse Inc.

                About Madhouse Inc.

                Founded in 2006, Madhouse Inc. is a independent mobile ad platform company. Focused exclusively on mobile programmatic, the company aims to optimize mobile marketing investment for the clients. It not only helps brand advertisers to engage target audience, build brand awareness, enhance purchase intention and increase customer loyalty in China, but also provides solutions for mobile app marketers to acquire quality users globally. It has more than 200 employees and three offices in China.

                MANAGEMENT TEAM

                Joshua Maa

                Founder and Chairman of the Board

                Charlie Ruan

                Chief Executive Officer

                Bobby Ding

                R&D SVP

                Jeffrey Wang

                VP-Business & Operation